Monday, September 23, 2013

Assessment One

Assessment One:

Blog Posts
You will be responsible for writing and a 500-word blog post for this class. I expect you to engage the readings, class discussion, and real-life experiences in these blog posts. In general, your blog post must contain: 1) a unique title; 2) a copyright permissible image (which you can find doing a Creative Commons search on or use an image of your own); 3) at least two in-text links to external websites; and 4) clearly written language, properly formed paragraphs, and proper grammar 5) Proper in-text parenthetical citations in compliance with the posted Written Work Guidelines. You will post these blogs directly to our class blog – 

Blog Post: 

·       1) Due October 14: The beginning of this class has suggested that the race was not naturally occurring and came to be over time through the process of racialization. Using Africa, the Caribbean, or the early United States explain how race came to be. Please explain how you understood race and how these early lessons have impacted your view of race. Hint, I would concentrate on one geographic area (e.g., Bahamas, Virginia, etc.). End with a reflection on why the idea of race persists and its relevance to contemporary social relations. When thinking of why the idea of race persists, consider who has benefited and who presently benefits from dividing people into racial groups.

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